Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


My new die storage unit has arrived and I would have put it together but I am absolutely exhausted. I think the strain of the past few days has caught up with me. I would have opted for a very early night tonight but have a committee meeting at the carving club. If I don't manage an hour's sleep this afternoon I think I may have to cry off.  I am sure that they can send me the minutes of the meeting.

 I want to say a very big Thank You to everyone for their offers of help.  Trish, Tripta, Elaine and Sian , I really appreciate your kindness and I think Trish might have saved my sanity yesterday.  Thanks also to the Asian ladies who have sent food for me after yesterdays East meets West event.  I was so disapointed to have to miss it but BBC Tees have been in touch to say it was a brilliant event.  They would love to hear of anything else that we arrange. . Thinking caps on everyone.
I won't be able to walk on Friday as the plumber is coming to repair the tap........ Please everyone check the seals on your hot water tap... Apparently they can and do corrode over time... and make sure that you check your insurance policies. I had the most awful day yesterday when I thought I didn't have the right sort of insurance... I can't describe my utter relief when I discovered that I am indeed covered. 

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