Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

die storage

You may recall in an earlier post my die cutting storage unit.  It was flippin expensive but well worth every penny.  Well now that I have discovered how very cheap the dies are from Aliexpress.  I needed more storage.  I bought a flat pack unit for less than half the cost of the ready made one and today I have just put it together.  If you buy one then please do as the instructions tell you. DO A DRY RUN FIRST.    I did and am glad that I did as I would have made all manner of silly mistakes.  My unit came from Amazon UK.  I bought the A4 size magnetic sheets from eBay... Make sure to look through them  first as they are probably all the same. Don't just buy the first ones that you see as some are much cheaper than others. I used 'Hard as Nails'  glue to glue the box together and to stick the magnetic sheet to the chip board. It is like No More Nails and probably the same thing really.
Tomorrow when it has all had chance to dry, I intend to paint it with a couple of coats of emulsion before decoupaging t tomatch my other unit.  This one doesn't have the drawer but that doesn't botther me as I need storage for the dies more than I need a drawer.  If you are into die cutting then go and have a look on Aliexpress. I was like a kid in sweetie heaven. I have ordered  loads of them as they are smashing quality and a fraction of the price I normally pay.

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