Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Another box card and the flood hiccup

On Sunday Tony and I will celebrate our wedding annivesary so I have been busy making a card for him.  I have used a 'hearts 'theme but I think this would work well if I made a batch of Christmas cards and used Christmas trees.  I have several sizes in my die cutting collection.  Speaking of die cutting.  I am having a huge purge of my craft stash and have been sorting out my craft punches and rubber stamps.  I have dozens and dozens of them but on the whole I don't use them any more.  I really am rubbish at rubber stamping and am totally in awe of the beautiful stamped cards that some of you create. My friends tell me to sell them on ebay but I would much rather just give them to a group that crafts for charity.  I have had many years of use out of them and if someone else can benefit by them I am happy to let them go. This will free up some space in my craft studio and means that I might just find the space to set up all my stained glass equipment. It is a real nuisance having to put it all way each time I start a project. I much prefer to have everything set up ready to use whenever the whim takes me.
As for the flood hiccup.  I had thought that things were starting to dry out as the water tank on the dehumidifier had stopped filling up. Tony moved the unit back to take a look in the cellar and discovered that the flippin things has simply been leaking back into the cellar.  The unit has leaked all over the parquet floor which meant another mop up job with bath towels....... The saga continues and I will let you know the next installment as it happens.

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