Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Not diet food :-)

This is definitely not diet food... strawberries fresh from my garden served on a meringue and smothered in cream. My one concession is that the cream is the aerosol variety.... mostly air...... or so I am telling myself.  We earned a treat tonight as we have spent most of the day gardening.  The flower borders are now 18'' wider and we shovelled tons of gravel. We spent a small fortune on yet more plants yesterday but oh wow are they gorgeous.  I have told Tony that we really have no more room for plants and we are forbidden from buying any more.... yeah right.... :-)  I see another gravel shifting session in the pipeline as we make the borders even wider. I think when we move house we will need a small field rather than a garden.  In the meantime, we are considering getting hold of some kitchen cabinets and turning half the garage into a crafting space... Le Crafterie takes up a huge space in the garden... space that we can use for plants..... watch this space.

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  1. You deserve this after all that hard work :-)