Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hot hot hot

And I can't cool down. I have tried cool showers and a large fan but as soon as I move I heat up. It doesn't help that Sir Snorealot is keeping me awake at night and today I feel like a wrung out rag.  I had to do a quick dash to the library this morning when I discovered that my books were due back today. That woke me up a bit and when I got home I spent a lovely couple of hours sitting in the garden with my neighbours. I was so comfortable that I could easily have fallen asleep. Tony is off out for a couple of pints with the blokes tonight and I think I might have a sewing session. I have a few things that I want to make and take to Essex when we go down at the end of the month.  I keep putting it off as I haven't been in a sewing mood.... I need to get my finger out and make a start.
 I was really pleased yesetday when my oldest dearest friend called in with her American guest.  Margaret and I have been friends for a very very  long time and have enjoyed many a short break away together. It is ten years since I last saw her friend Carolyn who was enchanted with my garden...'It is a proper English Country Garden'  was her statement.  She has taken many photo's to share on her facebook page when she goes back to America. I must admit that it probably looks nicer than it ever has before.  We are ruthlessly watering every evening and it really has paid off. The flowers are truly stunning this year.  The foxgloves that self seeded are huge

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