Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Dead chuffed

I am absolutely thrilled to bits having just got off the phone from my son.  He has been offered the job that he was interviewed for yesterday. To hear the excitement in his voice was wonderful and I am sure he will really enjoy his new job. He will be organising big events for the local council and it is his first full time job after leaving University.  He has worked for the past year on a self employed basis but was ready to settle down and work for someone else now.  I am sure he will be out celebrating at the weekend. He has said that he will take Tony and I out for for a meal when he gets his first pay cheque...


  1. Congratulations to him, the hard work has obviously paid off.m

    1. Thank you. He worked his way through sixth form, then university so he really deserves it.

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    1. Thanks Carol. We are so pleased for him. He has worked so hard and he really deserves it