Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A lovely break

 Tony and I have had a lovely break down in Essex with our friends Anona and Kim. We will be back down there in six weeks and are already looking forward to it.  We spent Saturday and Sunday touring the opens gardens.. all 25 of them.  People are so generous to open their gardens to complete strangers. We notice that Stokesley is doing a similar thing this coming weekend. If the weather is decent we will go and take a look. While we were in Essex we bought some  pretty little plates for 5p each.  I had initially bought them to break up and use in a mosaic but they are way too pretty to smash.  We also bought a metal flower arch.... heaven know where we will cram it in the garden but we will make a space. On the way back we called into a car boot sale and came away with two stools for £3. A table for £5 and a collection of ornamental photo frames for another £5.... and then we found a little tin tray with a Christmas design.

Close up of the pattern on the plates

Two large and three small plates. 5p each
Have to find a shoe horn to squeeze these into the garden

Stunning flower display outside the church in Brighlingsea

Now that is what you call an icecream.. Salted caramel with sweets, wafer and a flake

Car boot sale finds


  1. Some lovely buys for very little.

  2. Some great bargains there Cherie :-)

    1. We thought that Alison. Initialy I was planning on mosaicing the seats on the stools and using them as plant displays but they really are solid well made stools so we will keep them as spare seats for the garden