Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 14 May 2017

My weekend so far. Giant oil rig, baby fish and a Ceilidh

On Friday after work Tony and I went for a drive over to Seaton Carew where a giant oil rig has been towed for dismantling.  I think the port is actually called Tees Port.  The rig is huge and a really impressive sight.  It is quite a few years since we visited Seaton Carew and the fish and chips we ordered were absolutely delicious. I ordered a 'half lot'  expecting a very small portion.  I was pleasantly surprised as  the portion was really very generous and hardly broke the bank at £2.90. A very long time ago the beach used to be absolutely packed with people but sadly, foreign holidays put paid to the British seaside.  Hopefully things might pick up again and we will see the beach filled with deck chairs and beach tents.
Yesterday I collected some pond water and moss and hoped that there might be a few goldfish eggs among the moss.  I think I may have a tiny hatchling but it is a bit soon to tell whether it is just a piece of floating debris. I will keep you up to date on any progress. Please ignore the time on the clock.  Tony keeps turning it off at the socket so I have given up re setting it.  I took the photos about twenty minutes ago and it is now 07:05
Last night I went to a ceilidh with my friend. Tony had been planning to go but wasn't very well yesterday so stayed home instead.  He missed a great night out but I think in truth the rest probably did him more good. We never sit out a single dance and he would have been exhausted if he had gone along.

The coloured squares are paper that I place in order to watch the eggs.

My fish hatchery


  1. What an unusual weekend ;-)

  2. WoW - that old oil rig is impressive !!! Sorry about your weather. I think what killed British seaside holidays is the crummy weather !!! I am glad you had a fun weekend and I hope these fish eggs will do something for you. ! The suspense must be awful :-D I can't wait to see what happens xxxxx

    1. CRUMMY WEATHER...... I am sure you mean interestingly variable :-). In truth we don't get huge amounts of rain but it is frequently grey and overcast.