Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My pretty garden flowers

I had been stuck indoors at work all day yesterday and didn't want go to my carving club last night so Tony and I spent a couple of hours gardening.... There are some beautiful flowers blooming just now.

These iris flowers look like a beautiful watercolour painting

This is a beautifully fragrant rose that we bought in Essex last year

Wonderful vanilla fragrance

The photo really doesn't do this justice.  It almost looks articiial it is so perfectly formed

Newly planted but already showing a hint of summer colour

Wonderfully fragrant freesias that I planted last year and completely forgot about


  1. Mmmmm I can smell the beautiful aroma of these :-)

  2. Such gorgeous flowers - I miss having a lot of those but my weather is no good for them here - they get toasted !!! :-) xx