Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 4 May 2017

David Lloyds Gym

I have just had the loveliest day at the David Loyds gym. My friend Tripta who is already a member  had two free passes which included lunch so we three ladies spent the day there.  We did a little bit of exercise in the gym and then went for a swim in the pool.  We enjoyed the steam room and a wonderful jacuzzi.  If anyone out there is wondering if it would be worth the cost to take out a membership then I would say a resounding YES.  The membership isn't cheap but if you break down the cost into components then it works out at about £3 a day. Some people spend more on a daily cup of coffee.  The facilities are second to none. Spotlessly clean and beautifully maintained and the staff made us feel welcome.  The lunch we had was of a very high standard and the menu looked to be really quite varied with a nice choice of salads and tasty pasta dishes amongst other things.
Thank you David Lloyds.  You certainly get my vote of appreciation.

Crikey. This sounds like a promotional piece for them. Can I just say that I have absolutely no connection whatsoever with David Lloyds and have not been asked to review the gym. 


  1. Do all the members get a free lunch included each visit? It all sounds delightful.

    1. Hi Jan. The day passes that we had were a promotional thing so only the two free passes included lunch. The gym hope that we will take out a membership... we won't as it is very expensive compared with other local gyms.. But if money wasn't an issue then I wouldn't hesitate. I am currently sitting on the sofa, totally exhausted and I have muscles aching in places that I didn't know should have muscles... I will suffer tomorrow :-)

  2. Good Afternoon Cherie, My husband uses the gym regularly as he swims everyday and uses the steam and sauna.... he loves it.
    You mentioned that you would like to rose bowl, I have seen quite a few recently in charity shops.... there seems to be a lot around one moment and then none the next.
    I do hope you manage to find one, because they are really lovely. I adore all that sparkling glass.
    Best Wishes

  3. My daughter is a manager at a DL. Very worth the money if you use it regularly.