Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

This week is starting really well.

I had the loveliest day yesterday.  It started with my dentist cancelling my appointment half an hour before I was due there.   That gave me time to wash the windows. 'Nope, neither of  those reasons are why I had a lovely day.  I went for a walk in the sunshine with my walking group on the morning and spent all afternoon at a cookery session. The ladies cooked the most delicious chicken rissoles with spicy chutney and we had fruit salad to follow.  It was absolutely delish and that took care of lunch. Then, last night at my craft club a lady asked if I would make her one of my 'wool painted ' cats.  It turned out that she had hoped I would take some more to the group last night. Her husband had offered to pay for it for her birthday. When another lady heard about the pictures she immediately asked me to make one for her too  Guess what I will be making today?  :-) Do you see a new career as a 'wool painting' artist developing?.  :-)  First of all though a little housework is in order.  Then I have a card to make for a card swap that I taking part in. After that I will pop out to Le Crafterie and make a space to work in.

Tony and I have been invited for tea with a friend so I don't need to cook tonight. Then we head off to  carving club. This week just keeps getting better and better

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