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Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Yummy Scrummy recipe

I am posting this exactly as I received it.  These are not my words but those of a lovely lady called Nicky.... Thanks Nicky I made a pan full today and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Anona, you will love this.. It tastes very much like Pad Thai......

You need oil - peanut is great, we use olive oil - any good oil will do.
yams or sweet potatoes,
some form of tomatoes - tinned, paste, fresh -it's up to you
chilli powder,
a stock cube,
peanut butter (we use crunchy - and it has to be straight peanut butter....no additives other than salt))
nutmeg, carrots, beef or chicken (the last four optional).

Sauté onions and garlic in oil till soft, add chilli powder, mix well. A couple of minutes later add yams/sweet potatoes (+carrots).
After about 10 minutes add tomatoes and some stock.
Cook until yams/sweet potatoes are tender.
Take about 250 ml (more or less) of cooking liquid out and mix well with 2 tbs peanut butter. Put back into pot and mix well. Cook a little longer and then EAT

....with rice.

If you want to use meat, add and brown it (beef) or part cook it (chicken) before the vegetables. If beef, only sauté vegetables enough to thoroughly coat them in the oil etc.....otherwise they might disintegrate while the beef is cooking. I sometimes add nutmeg with the chilli.

I was shown how to make this many, many years ago, by a Gambian friend. I have tweaked it over time and have only very rarely used meat in it. I now use sweet potatoes as yams are not thick on the ground here! They do cook more quickly too. I have been known to add miso, with the peanut butter, to give it more 'depth'. I have seen West Africans (and West Indians) use smooth peanut butter and less of it, too......not me

I have passed this on to so many people....our kids all still make it.

I have left the quantities open. Taste as you go.....you are aiming for sweet, smooth, and hot....how hot is your choice!
I crush garlic with the side of a knife blade, chop it if you prefer.
The 'stew' needs to be a bit thin at the point of adding the magic ingredient because you are using it to thicken it.....as well as to satisfy your passion!

Any questions, just ask!
...and enjoy

  • Cherie
    Thanks Nicky. I cooked it and we had it for both lunch and tea..... OMG it is yummy. ermmmmmm Lincoln is a long way from Nunthorpe
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  1. I have made a note of this and will be trying it in the coming week. It sounds really good.