Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 18 February 2017

The house hunting continues

Yesterday we had the first of the local estate agents around to give us a valuation... we were quite pleased with his suggested price and with a bit of wiggle room we might get somewhere near what we would like for our house. Monday and Tuesday will see two more estate agents calling in and then we will have a general idea of what we can realistically expect.  My craft room now looks like it should look all the time... Loads of crafting and storage space and only a bit of junk. 
Last night we were around at our friends house for supper.  We had a lovely evening and got home around 11.30.   As we were tired we went straight to bed........ I woke at 01:10......wide awake and feeling as though I had slept all night.   I tossed and turned and eventually went back to sleep...... until 03:40. At 04:10 I gave up tossing and turning and came downstairs for a cup of tea.  This darn insomnia is a real pain.

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