Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Fish pie for tea

I am currently emptying my freezer and have just made a lovely fish pie for tomorrow's tea.  I knew that I had a couple of Basa fillets, some smoked salmon and a packet of frozen salmon fillets in the freezer so I used up one salmon fillet, the basa and smoked salmon for the fish pie.  I poached the fish in a pint of milk and then flaked it all into a bowl reserving the milk to make a bechamel sauce. I cooked a few broccoli pieces and a handful of pasta and gently stirred them into the mix before stirring everything into the bechamel sauce.  I chucked a handful of frozen peas into the pan and then spread it all into a large buttered dish.  I have topped it with lovely buttery mashed potato. When it is cool I will cover it and pop it in the fridge for tomorrow.  Before cooking it in the oven I will throw some grated cheese on top. It has made a huge dish full so I will freeze half of it for another day

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