Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Cosying up by the fire

But not for long as we are heading off out to the carving club. We think it will be a quiet night as a few friends have rung to say that they won't be going for various reasons. In truth if we didn't give a fellow carver a lift each week we would probably stay home ourselves.  The decs are starting to come down but it will take us a few days to put them all away. Then we plan to give the house a quick lick of paint and a good tidy up ready for spring.

We had the last of the Christmas pork in a curry yesterday and today.  It has stretched a very long way and was  a really good buy.   I am planning on emptying the freezer and using up my food stores before buying anything else.  I don't want to find that I have a load of out of date food going to waste. We have enough potatoes to last us another few weeks from the large sack that we bought and then we will buy another. They keep really well in the garage as it is like an ice box in there.

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