Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 12 December 2016

Hot chocolate with whipped cream

And a good slug of Baileys.....  .mmmmmmmmmm. Well I think we deserve it after our long walk this morning.

Christmas is almost sorted other than buying a goose... and we are doing that next week. I have all the pressies to wrap yet and then they can go under the tree. We are off out to put our cards around the neighbourhood this evening. We may have to stop off at the pub on the way back.
Having searched high and low for a Christmas jug we finally gave up and bought a little white one. This afternoon we found some really nice stickers which Tony has just used to decorate the jug. We have still to find some nice Christmas light pulls for the bathrooms.  I did contact a lampwork glass artist to see if I could commission a couple but  didn't get a response. I am considering making a couple myself but can't decide which medium to work with.


  1. Could you use wooden (cut slices of dowels) and decorate those- or use clay= fimo?
    If anyone can do it, t'is you!

    1. Jan, you blimmin genius. Only the other day I saw some little wooden figures for sale. It never crossed my mind that they would make light pulls. I hope they still have them on Wednesday when we go shopping.