Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

My first Christmas party of the festive season

Yesterday I attended my first Christmas party of the festive season....... nothing unusual about that I hear you say..  Well no there isn't, except the ladies are all Pakistani Muslims. The food was amazing and the ladies were great fun to be with. Many of the ladies are deaf so we played pass the parcel and musical chairs without music.  Lights were flicked on and off so that we all knew when to rip a layer off or run for a chair. I was deeply touched when a tiny little girl presented me with a gift bag containing a lovely set of toiletries.I really hadn't expected that. In fact I was touched to be invited to the party in the first place. The ladies are all part of a group that I used to walk with as part of my job. I reckon that if ordinary mums and grannies of any nationality were in charge of the worlds politics there wouldn't be any wars and everyone in the world would have enough to eat

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