Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A long post with loads of pictures.

Tony and I went out for our walk in the woods at Guisborough this morning.  I have taken loads of photos to show you how stunning it looked.  The route takes us along a road that isn't a great deal more than a farm track and bordering this route are a couple of houses. Some time ago I walked this route with a couple of ladies from my walking group and one of them  told us all about a lady that lives in one of the houses.  The lady likes to chat with people and offers them fresh baked biscuits and cakes. This morning as we passed we commented on the lovely weather and stunning scenery.   She chatted for a while about Billy Graham the evangelist preacher and told us that she wanted to do her own tiny little thing to brighten peoples lives.  The lady then offered us some fresh baked flapjack which we gratefully accepted.  We were invited to call in and rest for a while if ever we were passing.  I had never met the lady before but she was a true example of being a good Christian... in fact a true example of a thoroughly lovely human being.  We went on our way feeling that we had been blessed.
The autumn colour was absolutely stunning and the blue sky and sunshine did far more to lift our spirits than any prescribed medication could do. I think we will probably need a good long snooze this afternoon.


  1. There are true Angels in this world and she sounds like one of them :-)
    Stunning photos :-)