Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Pine bed update

The other day I told you that I would try my hand at carving a piece of Alexanders old wooden bed..... so I did... and this is how it turned out.  I will take both lovespoons to my carving club this evening and spend a couple of hours sanding them.  I aim to remove a lot of the little nicks out of the wood, but don't want to sand them too smooth as in my opinion that makes the wood look like plastic. I like my carving to retain a few bumps and nicks as it add character to the finished piece

The spoon on the left was a piece from Alexanders bed

does my bum look big :-)


  1. These are fantastic Cherie - you are so clever :-)

    p.s. the side view looks like something completely different - I'll let you work it out!

    Get out the encaustic wax, it's great fun.

    As for the pencils, my box has a limited range of colours, but they do a large box. I haven't tried any other makes so can't compare, sorry.

  2. Great job- from a bed to a spoon. Well, people "spoon" in bed!