Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Needle felting

I have been playing with ;my stash of wool roving these past few days  while Tony has a snooze. It keeps me out of mischief  and stops me eating my way through the cupboards.  It is strange that now we have decided to reduce our calorific intake how I think about nibbling all the time. Good job we didn't buy crisps when we did our last shop or Iwould have eaten every single packet of them. 

Lavender fields at sunrise

The brown flower looks at though it has a big petal on the left. It doesn't.


  1. Lovely, will you needle felt more poppies?

    1. I don't know Jan. I had all my wool roving around me last night and the nurge to make the poppy came over me.

  2. Hi Cherie, I was wondering if you would to try out our wool for free. Please check http://www.craftyfelt.com/ and do send us an email at info@craftyfelt.com :)