Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I don't know whether I have mentioned before but I detest halloween.  In fact I really don't like unpleasant things or people full stop. Life is far too short to surround myself with nastiness.  But one of the things that irritate me about halloweeen is the waste of a perfectly good pumpkin.  I wouldn't mind if people actually ate the darn thng but to cut great big lumps out of it and thow it away?????? Well need I say more.
Several years ago..... In fact more than several.... I decided that I would organise a lantern making event, followed by a lantern walk, as an alternative to Halloween.  Kids came along with their parents and made beautiful lanterns from willow and tissue paper..  That evening they came back and we went for a walk in the dark in my beloved Fairy Dell. I had expected a poor response but was amazed to fill the room with families making lanterns. That evening around 150  people came along for the lantern walk.  My boss had given me permission to buy hundreds of glow sticks.  It was magical to see a long snake of people bedecked with glow sticks and carrying lanterns wending their way through Fairydell. We ended the walk back at our local community centre and enjoyed hotdogs and soup.
This year I plan to celebrate Diwali.  My friend Tripta has given me a carrier bag full of 'diya' These are tiny clay pots which hold a bit of candlewax with a wick.  I plan to light up my porch and conservatory this year.

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