Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Free Walnuts

Last night Tony and I were around at our friends Ken and Elaine for supper.  Elaine cooked the most gorgeous savoury mince topped with macaroni cheese. I could have had seconds but good manners prevailed and I declined... oh how I wanted seconds as it was so tasty. I was very good and took a bottle of soda water as my choice of beverage.  In truth, alcohol really is something I wouldn't miss if it never passed my lips again. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't drink it if offered  but I chose the calorie free option.  When we left we brought a carrier bag full of walnuts home with us.  They have a walnut tree in the garden of their little french cottage.

Alexander came for dinner today and stayed all afternoon. I cooked a lovely piece of ham and served it with roast veg and potato wedges. The roasting pans were lined with foil so there was hardly any washing up for the menfolk... you read that correctly.. The menfolk do the dishes after Sunday dinner and then they bring me a nice cup of tea. They are well trained  AKA is they want a nice dinner then they do the dishes. 

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