Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Ceilidh

Last night was ceilidh night.  I had never been to one before but don't mind making a twit of myself.  Our group of friends were all 'up for it' too and a cracking time was had by all.  The band leader talked us all through the dances and we had such a good time that we are now going to be watching out for local ceilidhs.  It was lovely to see people of all ages perfectly happy to give it a go whether they mucked up or not .  Even those who were a little reluctant at first got up and joined in.  The men in our group were great fun and are keen to find another.  I think it could be the start of social night out revolution.
Today Tony is off to the football and I am hoping to get a bit more of Le Crafterie emptied. With a bit of luck I might get it finished this coming week.

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  1. Even Mr FD who wouldn't be seen dead on the dance floor used to enjoy a good ceildh. We used to go regularly in London, but haven't been to one for donkey's years. But I enjoy my Line Dancing group now.