Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 2 September 2016

Poppy photo shoot

I have had a really hectic day today. This morning was the ladies group walk in Stewart Park. When I got home I had a bit to eat and knitted a for a while.  I am currently knitting a little top from some of the yarn I bought last week in Aldi's. After lunch I took part in a photo shoot for the local newspaper.  We are trying to encourage as many people as possible to knit or crochet a few poppies for our remembrance day display. I got to stand next to the incredibly smartly turned out sergeant of our local police force... and what a lovely man he was too.  I will share a few photos as soon as I receive them.
This evening Tony and I went to the seaside town of Saltburn for fish and chips and a walk along the beach. We sat on the sand for ages just watching the tide rolling in.  On the way home we popped into Aldi and got the weekend shopping out of the way.  This leaves us the whole weekend free to just do absolutely nothing at all if that is what takes our fancy

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