Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Oh you domestic goddess you.

It has just turned 07.00 and already I have some diced steak simmering in a pan with some onions.  I am planning to make meat and potato pies for tea and a few for the freezer.  I have a large pile of windfall apples that I shall cook down and freeze for later in the year. All this is happening in between the sorting of my craft stash and cleaning the house... see I can get cracking when I am motivated.
Last night at my craft club we learned how to make pillbox hats.  Unfortunately the glue that we used wasn't really strong enough to hold everything together but we did get the general idea.  Jan was really good with her instructions so at some point I will finish mine and take a photo.  Must dash though as I have to do a half hour hula hooping while the steak is cooking.  I have ordered myself a new style of hoop... one with lumpy bits on... With a bit of luck, in a few weeks time, I shall have an hour glass shape, rather than a pint glass... I am aiming for curves.

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