Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Major purge of my crafting stash

Today I decided to have a really major purge of all my craft things... Trouble is, each time I suggest something to pass on to someone else, Tony tells me he will put it in the loft for me in case I change my mind or need it in the future?????? I really do need to condense though as we decided to convert the spare room into my crafting space.  It still has to double as a bedroom though for when my friends come and stay. We are going to get rid of Le Crafterie.. sob, sniff........ It is rotten at the bottom and part way up the back.  We discussed whether to buy another but feel that the money would really be better spent converting the spare room. It means that I won't have the cost of extra heating.  I have run a small electric heater in Le Crafterie through the winter for the past 4 or more years.  It stops everything getting damp but of course there is the cost to be considered. The thought of an indoor craft room is fab as I know that I will spend a lot more time in there during the winter months.

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