Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Lavender sponge and windfall apples

For tea today I used some of my lovely lavender sugar to make a little sponge pudding to eat with stewed windfall apples.  I used one of the little pullet eggs that we bought the other week and simply weighed it and added the same weight of sugar, flour and butter... the real stuff, not that plastic substitute called margarine..... 40g of each as it happens.  I mixed the cake batter and cooked it for one minute and 50 seconds.  Served with some stewed windfall apples and a good splash of custard There was plenty for two people. It made a really nice dessert to follow the lovely bowl of soup that I made this morning.


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    1. Alison, it was absolutely scrummy. Glad I bought the pullet eggs though as it means that I make smaller puddings and don't even give a thought to the extra calories.