Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Last night at WI the speaker gave us a talk on Dowsing.  We all sat through the talk and to be honest we were a little sceptical. Then we all got to have a go.... we were utterly stunned when it worked.  I came home and did a bit of googling and discovered that apparently under scientific observation it doesn't work. I have no idea whether it was a fluke that nearly thirty women managed to get a result but I am now intrigued. Dowsing is associated with using twigs and finding water. Last night we discovered that you can find anything using old coat hangers cut into extended  L shapes or two strips of plastic stuck together in a V form.  I plan to have a little practice and see whether  I can find anything today

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  1. It must have been really interesting to see that done. How do you know if it works or not?
    P.s.- had a look at your crafts pictures. Love them! How did you do the little scenes in this bottom of the cans?