Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 22 September 2016

A housework kind of day

I have spent so much time prepping for my upcoming schools sessions that the house has gotten a bit neglected so today is a housework kind of day.  I had planned for yesterday to be a HW day until my neighbour rang me at 08.15 and asked if I felt like a walk. She said we could have a sandwich back at hers after the walk. Joan is 83 years old and lost her husband two years ago. I realised  that she was feeling a bit lonely and it really made no difference to me if the housework waited for another day. We set off at 09.40 and got back at 12.15.  The weather was lovely and we had a really nice long walk, chatting as we strolled along. We picked some sloes which I plan to turn into sloe gin for next year and when we got back Joan made me a lovely ham and pickle sandwich. We had a few tomatoes from my hanging baskets and spent another hour just chatting. Joan is coming to the Ceildih tomorrow and even if she doesn't feel like dancing she can chat with Tony and the rest of the gang.
Tonight Tony and I are going to my friend's for tea so I don't need to think about cooking today. I will have a tomato sandwich at lunch time as they are coming thick and fast now. The flavour is superb and I hope they go on fruiting for a good long while. I am still managing to find a little handful of strawberries every day.  They have given me a fabulous crop this year but are ready to be cut back now.  

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