Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 30 September 2016

A cooking kind of day

Before going out for my walk this morning, I dealt with even more windfall apples. By December we will be sick of the sight of apples at the rate I am cooking them.  These ones I cooked with a handful of currants, a little ginger, three ground cloves and some of my lovely orange flavoured sugar.  They are currently sitting in the fridge as I want to make some pies with them.  Then I went out for a walk with the ladies walking group. Seventeen of us took over a local pub that has started offering morning coffee.  The scones though freshly baked and nicely risen could have done with cooking for just a few more minutes and they would have been perfect.
When I got back home I finished the love spoon and it is now sitting with a coat of oil wax soaking into the wood. The gorgeous aroma that you can smell drifting from my kitchen is steak and onions with a few mushrooms.  They are being cooked long and slow and tomorrow I am planning to make a few pies with the fabby pie maker.... I do love that piece of kit. Tony rang a while ago to say that he will be a couple of hours late tonight. So I might just sit here and browse pinterest to see what amazing things people are pinning.  I do want to roast a pile of tomatoes and peppers but they can wait a while.

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