Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Oh gawd the excitement!!!!!!

Last week Tony and I had to accept that the iron had died. It didn't go fizz or bang it simply faded away to a gentle warmth. A quick browse on ebay and a new one is hopefully going to be delivered today.  It would probably have cost me more to try and have it repaired.  This probably sounds really daft but d'ya know what? I am quite excited at the thought of a new iron.  Once over I was excited at the thought of a new compost bin or wheelbarrow... nothing has changed.  Some people like  to spend their money on new clothes or fripperies but not me. Oh no, I am a strange individual and would much prefer the new iron.
Today looks to be another lovely one weatherwise so I may just lift my bike off the rack in the garage and go for a bit of a tootle....and then again I might not :-)

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  1. Mine just bit the dust as well. Bought a new one just yesterday. I'm that gal that gets excited over a weed eater for Mother's Day. lol! Two peas in a pod!