Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 12 August 2016

3d pen for my birthday

My lovely son bought me the 3d pen that was on my wish list.  I had a little play with it today and have just looked on pinterest for some ideas. There are some incredible works of art out there. I only have the filament that came with the pen so I have ordered a load more..  It won't be here in time to have a really good play with it on Sunday when Tony goes off to his gun club but I have plenty to play with for the time being... Why oh why do I keep finding fascinating new things to play with?

Tony bought me a set of beautiful Old Country Roses cake forks and cake slice.  It really was a proper treat to eat my birthday cake with such lovely china and cutlery.  I am planning an afternoon tea with friends and plan on using my beautiful china to serve it on.  I don't want it to just sit there looking beautiful.


  1. Showing my ignorance but what is a 3D pen?

    1. Alison, it is kind if like a hot glue gun but it extrudes plastic which sets almost instantly. It really is great fun to play with. Have a look on you tube and then have a look at some of the fabulous artwork on pinterest