Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 10 July 2016

The dishwashers

I am sitting in the conservatory while the dishwashers murmur away in the background..... What? Cherie has more than one dishwasher, I hear you ask yourself?  I do indeed.  One called Tony and the other Alexander  :-).  They have just finished eating their Sunday dinner and are in the kitchen taking care of the dishes.... I have my men well trained.  It is nice listening to them chatting away while they get on with the task.  One of them will bring me a cup of tea soon.  They have spent their usual Sunday afternoon at the firing range and I have had a nice relaxed afternoon.  I chatted with various friends on the phone.  Had a visit from a lovely man who had come to pick up some bulbs.  Did a bit of gardening and cooked a yummy roast beef dinner for my menfolk to come home to. I do love Sundays.

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  1. As odd as it may sound, I find the sound of a running dishwasher rather relaxing and soothing :)