Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Butterflies and bats

I have had the loveliest afternoon working at a local summer fun day event.  The local kids all made bracelets and rings using bats, spiders and butterflies that I had cut for them from paper.  The girls in general like to make the butterfly jewellery but the boys, needless to say, prefer to make bats or spiders. They start off  'too cool to craft'  until I ask them whether they would like a 'spiderman or  batman cuff'. It only takes one small boy to make and wear one before I have a little crowd all creating their own. The little girls like to add all manner of bits and pieces to their bracelets and it is always lovely to see them all wandering around sporting their jewellery. They occasionally have a mishap and come back for another butterfly.... usually after they have been on the bouncy castle. 

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  1. Fun with youngun's
    . We have an 8 year old grea nephew next door and he's here almost every day. My wife does projects with him and he loves them.