Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 15 July 2016

A really cheap night out

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Last night, I went out with a group of friends for our regular monthly get together.  We always choose a local pub and our firm favourite is The Gables at Hemlington in Middlesbrough.  They have a smashing 'smaller appetite menu for £4.50.  Believe me there is nothing small about the plate of food, and it comes with a very nice dessert too included in the price.  The food is proper home cooked and utterly delicious. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.  I had two blackcurrant and sodas to drink at a cost of 60p each.  Total cost for my night out.... £5.70.   We had a great catchup and put the world to rights.   It would be wise to ring and book a table though if you fancy giving it a try as they are always very busy.

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  1. That sounds very reasonable, even I could afford that :o))