Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Squirrel Pie anyone??????

I am sitting right now in my conservatory looking out over the garden. About two minutes ago I watched something run across the top of the conservatory.  Usually birds do this but I could see by the outline that it wasn't a bird.  Well knock me down with a feather ....... It was a squirrel.  We see them a lot in the garden digging up my bulbs and helping themselves to veg in my tiny plot so they aren't welcome.  This one ran head first vertically down the brick wall at the end of the conservatory and it has clearly done this before as it didn't even hesitate.  The year before last I watched one running back and forth to my hanging baskets tearing out the sisal liner.  It was quite funny at first but it wrecked both baskets and the flowers were scattered across the path....... Squirrel pie anyone?

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