Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 27 June 2016

Milk bottle tops

Up all night coughing and barking so feeling really tired this morning.   Anyway, less of the moans and groans cos it only makes me feel worse.  I have been eyeing up my stash of milk bottle tops and wondering how small a pond I will be able to make. I reckon I could make a lovely fridge magnet/brooch.  I think I have some different coloured ones in my stash somewhere so I might go and hunt them down. A bit of housework is on the cards first though as the furniture is starting to look as though it has never been dusted.  That usually means a visitor will arrive unannounced.  funny isn't it, how no one ever arrives unannounced when the house looks spotless.  If you start to empty a cupboard or pile up some laundry loads in the bathroom and you can virtually guarantee to get a visit. I will pop back later today to see what you have all been doing.

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