Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 11 June 2016

I have had a really lovely day

Tony and I popped into town this morning to do a bit of shopping.  We felt quite smug and goodie two shoes when we left Lidle's with a trolley full of salad and healthy food.  Then we went to B and M to buy some tea bags and bought loads of biscuits and chocolate goodies... Well we did try to be good. This afternoon I have thoroughly enjoyed cutting up really teenie weenie bits of felt to make a flower frieze.  I aquired the felt when I was running a crafting workshop.  The people who booked the workshop were about to throw it in the bin as the bits really are small.  You all know by now that I waste absolutely nothing if at all possible.   As soon as my frieze is finished I will show you but don't hold your breath as it will be a while...

Oh and yes,  I know that I haven't shown you pics of the yarn bomb but I will get around to it. 

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