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Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Shoe shopping... edited and updated

Today Tony and I have set aside the morning to go and buy a decent pair of walking boots for me.  I have spent hours reading reviews on the different types of boots available and now I may well be as knowledgeable on the different lacing techniques as any salesperson.... who would have believed that there are so many ways to lace a boot? It looks like the toss up is between Berghaus and Salomon.  Both of them have great reviews and Sports Direct have them at a very very good price.... I will try on as many pairs as I possibly can today and will review them here over the next few months.  In fairness to the ones that I usually buy at Aldi,  if you only walk a little every day then they are as comfortable as anything... almost like slippers.  Unfortunately they really just are not made to take the punishing amount of walking that my job entails.  Oddly enough though, my most recent pair from Aldi don't seem to have the cushioning and support that every other pair I have had from them has provided.  If they have changed the style then I won't ever buy another pair from them.

edited............. to let you know how the day went

Well Sports Direct was a waste of time, They didn't stock anything that had a good review so we went to Nevis Sport in Middlesbrough.  The salesman there was fantastic.  He encouraged me to try loads of different makes of walking boots and his advice and knowledge was brilliant.  He explained to me what I should be feeling inside the boot, how to lace it,  and best of all he didn't push me into buying an unsuitable pair of boots.  Sadly,  the lovely Scarpa boots that were the most comfortable of all, banged my toes as I walked down the ramp...... I would gladly have bought them otherwise.  He said that a half size bigger would probably have suited me perfectly... Only trouble is, Scarpa don't make half sizes. We went over to Go Outdoors and tried a few more pairs of different boots with no success.Then we had a run to Northallerton to try the Mountain Warehouse... they had a very poor stock and I didn't even bother to try any.. I think we might need to have a run over to the Lake District next week to see if any of the shops over there have a style that might fit me. In the meantime I shall have to strap my ankle and put up with the discomfort until next weekend.

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  1. Good luck with that. You can get decent boots for less than £100, fancy names don't cut it with me, it's the fit that counts. I need very wide fitting because of my bunions, so I go for the ones that lace up almost to the toes, so I can adjust the width by loose or tightening the lacing. I will be interested to see what you buy.