Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Sore little feet

So far today I have walked 24316 steps and boy oh boy do my feet know about it.  My lovely comfortable Aldi walking boots really aren't made for the amount of walking that I am now doing as part of my job. I have really worn down the heel on my boots and the bottom of my feet and my heels are getting quite sore. If anyone can suggest a pair of decent walking boots that will stand up to daily long walks then I would really appreciate it.
On a different matter,  I had a meeting this afternoon with the head teacher in a school that I did a lot of work with a few years ago.  Although I didn't recognise the new head teacher I received the loveliest greeting from the schools finance manager.  I was deeply touched to hear that 'glowing reports'  had been given of me in the staffroom.  Teaching staff were delighted that I am back in post and able to work with them again albeit in a different role.  It really makes my job worthwhile when I feel valued.
I also took a group of childminders and ten little children for an 'explore the woods'  walk in Fairy Dell today. The childminders all lived quite local to the woods but had never visited before.... they will visit frequently from now on

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