Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Oh dear and oops

I have suddenly become aware of a habit that I have developed.  Let me explain.   Each time Alexander calls in to see us we hug and then we put an arm around each other and give a little squeeze on the waist followed by a ''''''  bit porky there'  or oooh where has that all gone''''''' depending on the current shape.  I was suddenly aware that I have started giving people a little squeeze after I have hugged them.... not much wrong with that really but the other day following a little squeeze I almost said....  hmmmn a bit porky there'  I stopped myself just in time but can imagine how hurt someone might very easily be if I did say it. Oh well...at least I am now aware that I do it so will stop the squeezing.

Currently knitting twiddlemuffs and have just finished one that reminds Tony and me of licorice allsorts.  It has become the 'Bertie Bassett' twiddlemuff and just needs a few embellishments and then it can go off to be sold at the cafe/shop in the hospital.  Three have sold so far and the money given to the hospital... I think possibly the heart department.

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  1. Ha ha would love to see the reaction from a stranger ;-)