Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

My lovely bacon sandwich

Yesterday was my carving club night so I didn't get to chat to you all.  Well in truth I was totally exhausted too.  I had been working in a 'special needs'  school all day.  Many of the children were profoundly disabled and I spent an awful lot of time on my knees on the floor with them. Every muscle ached when I eventually got home.  Instead of having tea at home Tony offered to cook a bacon sandwich for me at one of our local beauty spots.  On the way over there he decided that he would cook it in a lay by....that man sure knows how to wine and dine a lady  :-) Actually though it was really good fun and the sandwich was extra delicious cooked on a little camping stove from out of the boot of the car. Today I was asked to risk assess a local walk so I went and joined the group and have walked my little legs off. Oh boy do my poor feet know it.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous though so it was no chore.

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  1. we used to sneak off and do meals on wheels before Mr Bah Humbug got quite so bad, but ive new been informed that his latest Heath Robinson project a mobile radio mast and beam that can be attached to his van is going to be finished shortly , hes been having trouble welding with his useless hands and his mate is coming to finish it . so once again it will be sit on top of hills for a bit of peace ...and endless DX