Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 9 April 2016

My garden looks really pretty

The sun came out for a while so I popped outside with my camera and took a few photos as I like to be able to see each year just what is flowering each month.  This is what is in my garden right now

The Rosemary looks and smells beautiful

This Holly tree self seeded so I have trimmed it into a lollipop so that it doesn't cast too much shade.  I will be putting a string of solar powered lights  through the branches if it doesn't rain today.  I did that last year and it looked beautiful as night fell.

The wallflowers smell amazing and it won't be long before I have climbing beans and a tomato plant inside the little obelisk

Some of the daffodils have tiny little flowers... almost fairy sized and so pretty when you lift up the heads to look at their little faces.

I keep trimming back the heather as it tries to take over the garden.  It is a bit of a thug but so pretty from late February.  It flowers for ages too but will get a good trim as soon as it has finished flowering

This euonymus is a really bright addition to the garden.  I keep taking cuttings from it so that eventually I will have enough to create a fairly low growing hedge


  1. Your garden looks really nice, do you have a back garden?

    1. Thank you. xxx.. I do have a back garden... if you have time to go back through my blog a little way there are some photos that I took last year

  2. It is very pretty, how lovely it must look out your windows!

  3. How pretty :-)

    Must get out and sort out my mess!!

  4. you've got some lovely colours and a front garden to be proud of - Lesley x