Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

It's a Moussaka kind of day

Today is my day off but as anyone who works outside the home knows, today is housework day.  This means that I have to iron,  dust and polish, bathrooms to clean and floors to wash.  I have just finished cooking a beautiful Moussaka for tea tomorrow. I haven't done the final bake in the oven as it will be so much nicer if I do that when I need it. Tonight we are having stuffed peppers so I have  cooked the stuffing for those as well...... Phew! Now I can sit down with a nice cuppa before tackling the dreaded HW.    I hope to make  few cards after lunch as I have a couple of birthdays looming and a few ideas in my head. It is a shame that the weather has turned wintry because I want to go out and litter pick the estate... I may have mentioned once or twice that the Tour de Yorkshire starts off in my town on Sunday. I shall put my coat on and just expect to get wet while I litter pick.

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