Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 11 April 2016

It looks like fairyland

Well it was such a beautiful day yesterday that Tony and I spent it in the garden tweeking and tidying. Tony chopped a whole pile of logs and I sowed a load of different seeds and popped them all in the little greenhouse. The back garden is too wet at the moment to do very much but I did manage a little weeding out there. I have rescued some tiny tadpoles from the pond just so the fish don't eat every last one of them.  I will keep them safe until they are a little bigger then I will put them back and hope that they have the  instinct to hide among the rocks... time will tell.  The fish usually eat all the frogspawn before it has chance to develop  so hopefully I have given the frog population a fighting chance.
We managed to string solar lights through the holly and a lovely golden Euonymus at the front of the house and it was such a thrill to see them light up last night.  The new lights have a kind of blue light.. not blue...  but not the white or golden light that the other lights are emitting.   It did make us smile as darkness fell and the lights around the garden started to come on.  All the lights at the back of the house made the garden look like fairyland.  Well worth the cost of the lights and as they all have little solar panels there are no running costs. If  I can take photo's that shows how lovely it is I will put some on here.  I am off to work just now so play nice everyone and have a lovely day.

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  1. Your garden is very pretty and I can imagine the lights gave you a lot of pleasure, my friend brought me some a couple of years ago that looked like butterflies when they were alight.
    Enjoy your day at work, of to do some housework.
    Hazel c uk