Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 1 April 2016

Hmmmmm, maybe not fitter

I arrived at the new office and they are still in the middle of a big move.  We had no phones,  no internet and pretty much not a great deal to do.  I went along and formed part of 'rentacrowd'  for a photo shoot.  Had a  walk through the woods to recycle some stuff at the local petting farm and a catch up with former colleagues but other than that I haven't done a great deal today.  Quite a few members of staff are leaving this week (or should that be have left) so there was plenty of cake and cream scones to eat...... nothing new there then,  things have clearly not changed at all. I didn't feel as though I left three years ago. In fact I felt as though I had never been away.  It was good to be back. even though I only stayed half a day. I will take a book to read next week or some knitting.... it will be a while before the new office is functioning properly

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