Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 29 April 2016

Another early start

Would you believe that today when I could have spent a little longer in bed I was wide awake at 05:30 yet again. Tony is being picked up for work today  so that means he doesn't have to get up quite so early.  We set the alarm to give us an extra half hour sleep but nope!.....  when my eyes open I just have to get up. The forecast for today is snow.... cold, sleety snow.  Not that the weather will stop the walking group as we are happy to be outdoors no matter what the weather. This afternoon I have reports to write and as I can't stand being stuck indoors in a stiflingly hot office it is my idea of hell.  I am planning to run a series of woodland 'story walks' during the summer holidays and I have bought a load of childrens books that I will theme the walks around.  The first will be 'Stick Man'. I have bought googly eyes by the ton and good heavy duty glue dots..The opportunities to teach children so many different skills using a very simple activity is phenomenal.  Yesterday I took a small group of childminders and ten very little children out for an 'explore the woodland' walk.  Even the simplest of activities, like feeling wet moss on a branch, becomes a magical experience for littlies.... I told them that the fairies had put their carpets out to dry in the sunshine.  My creative little brain is thinking up all manner of activities for the summer and it will be wonderful to know that I have inspired parents and childminders to use the great outdoors as a huge learning experience.
If you haven't seen 'Stick Man' before here is a you tube link     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNScl24zMNI

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