Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 28 March 2016

Sunny Saltburn

Tony and I headed off to Ripon Racecourse yesterday.  He had seen an advert in the local free newspaper advertising a car boot sale and describing it as 'massive'. It would cost 80p each to get in and we thought that should be well worth paying. We got there a little early and discovered that there were about six sellers....... we didn't bother paying the entrance fee but turned around and headed over to Guisborough where another car boot was to take place.  We discovered that we were two hours early .......  not having much luck were we.... Hmmm, shall we go to Saltburn and I will treat us to fish and chips, says I.  So we did, and very nice they were too.  Then we had a run over to Whitby and came back via Pickering and then Helmsley....  a long round trip and one we both thoroughly enjoyed. Today we are planning a visit to the garden centre to buy some bright coloured bedding to fill the gap between now and the summer bedding.  The weather forecast ins't good though so I doubt that we will get them planted today.

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