Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 4 March 2016

Size 3 socks

Yesterday I told you that I wanted to crochet an umbrella.  I ordered a booklet of doiley patterns on ebay and then got a message from the lady to say that the pattern booklet wasn't in stock.......  she has posted me some free doiley patterns and refunded my money.  As soon as they arrive I will make a start on the umbrella/parasol.  Have a look on google images... there are some stunning ones. In the meantime I have a craft project simmering away in my brain so as soon as I get home later today I will make a start.... you will like this one   :-)

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find socks in a size 3? I am so sick of seeing socks that say 12 and a  1/2   ...   3 and a 1/2  (they shrink after one wash and are useless)    or 4...7.  which are far too big for my tiny tootsies.  I have just order some size 3  to 5  socks from ebay and am hoping that they are decent ones as I will replace all my socks if they are ok. 


  1. if you knot socks, you can make them exactly as you want. they are not difficult. I knit them from the toe up and that way you can try them on as you go along and get them the right length.

    1. I haven't yet tried toe up socks. I have made several top down pairs though. I think I may try a toe up pair next