Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 14 March 2016

nine mini jerseys

I told you last week that I had volunteered to knit some mini jerseys  which will be used as bunting when the Tour de Yorkshire passes through Naughty Nunthorpe later this year.  I have just finished knitting number nine of a personal goal of ten.  I have to sew them up still but that can wait for a sunny day. I will sit in the garden with a glass of sparkly (water not wine)  and sew the seams. Today is housework day and Alexander brought us a load of 'stuff'  which I now need to find room for.  My wardrobe is ready for a thorough 'going through'  and I am considering selling some of my jackets on ebay.  There is not chance I will ever fit into them again so though it breaks my heart to part with them I need to let them go.  Although I have bought plenty from ebay I have never sold anything so watch this space...  I would be grateful for any sellers tips.


  1. Cute. Now the shorts to match. Just saying! Xxx